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Ihre Haushaltsmaschinen einfach geruchsfrei und sauber

Simply keeping your household machines odour-free and clean is an important issue. In every household you sometimes face the problem of "bad odours". An indefinable odour seeps out of the refrigerator. Smellthe built-in cupboards smell musty, food smells waft through the whole flat. You have also had more pleasant smell experiences when opening your dishwasher.  Here is our Phoenix enzyme cleaner. With it, you can declare war on unpleasant smells.

But how do these odours arise?

Odours arise during the biological decomposition of organic material. This process produces gases and other smelly waste products such as sulphur compounds, butyric acid in the case of dairy products or, as in the case of urine, ammonia among other things. This is then that acrid, pungent smell that bothers us so unpleasantly in the nose. Yet it is the most normal thing in the world. But we don't have to live with it.

It gets more interesting when it comes to high-priced household machines such as dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers and dryers. For example, machines such as dryers, dishwashers and washing machines with transport routes for liquids cannot simply be controlled with your household cleaner. This is because the odours are definitely created in these transport routes. As an example, my laundry always smells musty after washing. This can go so far that new machines are bought because other cleaning products have not helped. We have been able to make many machines and owners happy here. 

No question why something smells like that or?

Verdreckte Spülmaschine
Dirty dishwasher

With this blog post - "Your household machines simply odour-free and clean" - I would like to offer you possible procedures on how to easily solve the problem of odour elimination in the future and without chemicals or substances that are hazardous to the environment and health. Because our Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Machine Cleaner  works waste water neutral, non-caustic, non-attenuating, 100% biodegradable. Best of all. Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner has food grade approval. This means, for example, you can clean your dishwasher including dishes, which is not possible with most other machine cleaners because of the high chemistry. You also save precious energy and another point for the environmental compatibility of Phoenix.with your household machines simply odour-free and clean.


your household machines simply odour-free and clean. I recommend removing all coarse impurities and food residues and giving all accessible areas a once-over. Please now add 10 - 20 gr. Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Machine Cleaner into the compartment where you put the dishwasher tabs. The machine only retrieves the contents from the compartment when the prewash programme and the heating phase have been completed. This is necessary because the enzymes are surrounded by a gel coat and this only breaks open at a water temperature of approx. 60 degrees and releases the enzymes, only then do the enzymes become active. Now you just let your machine do what it always does. You can make the machine filled odour-free and thus save additional energy. Your dishes will also be super clean.

Washing machine

Washing machines can sometimes be a little tricky. You can make your washing machine odourless with a 30 degree wash, but you must add the enzyme cleaner mixed according to the instructions beforehand to the main wash cycle via the liquid compartment. Mix 20 grams in 200-500 ml of hot water and add to the wash. As already mentioned, go ahead and add it to your laundry. Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Machine Cleaner  does not attack any materials and is a great detergent for delicates. Your laundry and washing machine will smell wonderfully neutral.
When washing at 60 or 90 degrees, simply add the granules to the powder compartment.


Please coat the inside of your dryer well with solvent. Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Machine Cleaner  spray and let approx. 300-500 ml of dissolved enzyme cleaner soak into a towel. Then just let your dryer do what it is supposed to do. Drying. Your dryer will then be perfectly odour-free and neutral. Of course, you can always spray your dryer with the Phoenix in the course of your maintenance cleaning, let it soak in and wipe it out. 

What remains?

Other appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, freezer compartments, coolers, cupboards and many other household items can hardly be cleaned better than with our Phoenix. Please have a look at our shop under products or the other blog articles. Please reward our contribution with a short comment if you liked it. We would like to encourage more people to rethink, as this is an important topic like our Environment.

Thank you Dieter Schmidt  

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