Cat urine eliminate sustainable, biodegradable

Katzenurin entfernen Phoenix Enzymreiniger
Katzenurin entfernen Phoenix Enzymreiniger

Cat urine is sustainably removed by Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner in absorbent materials.

You can achieve this effect, eliminate cat urine, with active enzymes in the cleaning product that are harmless to humans and pets. These 100% biodegradable, non-corrosive, wastewater-neutral, non-toxic enzymes are absorbed in dissolved form from the surface. And they do so exactly where the source of the odour (cat urine-dog urine) is located. And so they decompose and eliminate the cause of the bad cat urine smell there, residue-free and pore-deep. If you read the following instructions below, you will be amazed at how easily cat urine odour removal works.

Eliminating cat urine with home remedies - how does it work?

On the internet you can indeed read a lot of well-intentioned advice describing how to remove cat urine with simple home remedies.

Such home remedies are said to include, whisky, vinegar cleaner, lemon juice orange oil cleaner or orange terpene , mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide, to name but a few. The question is: What happens to the problem of cat urine dog urine urine when using such home remedies?
Are the odour-producing bacteria really removed? Does odour removal actually take place here if odours are only superimposed? The only home remedy product listed above that logically exerts an effect on the organic odour source is actually not a home remedy at all. It is hydrogen peroxide. - A highly bleaching hazardous substance with no environmental hazard and a danger to you, your family-your pets, your furniture and our environment! 

If you want to be sure!

The best way to remove cat urine is to use our Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Cat Urine Odour Remover directly in the absorbent substrate, because cat urine is particularly stubborn in materials such as carpet, upholstery, tile joints, screed, wooden floors, textiles and much more.

Cat urine is one of the most penetrating smells of all. This is due to the special nature of this urine. Similar to a solvent, cat urine spreads particularly quickly in the substrate. Therefore, odour elimination is also the top class of challenges.

Once cat urine has seeped in, you have no chance of getting rid of the problem with "normal" cleaning agents. This is because once cat urine has soaked into carpets, upholstery, tile joints, etc., it can no longer be removed with conventional cleaning agents.

Phoenix enzyme cleaner removes urine from cats and tomcats without leaving residues

In the development of the Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner , we have taken nature as our model. There, as is well known, all kinds of organic substances are degraded without residue by means of microorganisms.
In nature, decomposition processes are primarily based on the metabolic activity of microorganisms. Phoenix Enzyme Cleaners - Odour Eliminators contain such biologically active enzymes, but their effect is completely harmless. They also break down the residues of cat urine even in the most inaccessible places and in the depths of absorbent materials. Since the stinking residues serve as "food" for them, the bacteria eliminate them extremely effectively, down to the last molecule. In this way, the penetrating source of the smell is completely eliminated and the substrate smells neutral again.

Unusable odour eliminators are conventional cleaning agents or scented sprays, which only mask bad odours for a short time.

The advantages of Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner products at a glance:

Effective odour remover solutions are:

  • Biological in their effect 
  • Harmless to humans, animals and the environment (when used properly)).
  • Material-friendly 
  • Automatically effective
  • Time and effort-saving during application
  • Thoroughly and permanently effective
  • economical and sustainable.

Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner offers you all this and more. So you can easily get rid of cat urine.

Even older urine residues can be removed from floors, joints and furniture with the help of our odour killer and ensure freedom from odours. With these effective odour removers, you can save expensive furnishings and floor coverings that you already wanted to remove from disposal!

Remove cat urine - With the effective application you achieve permanent freedom from odour

Decisive for the effectiveness of Phoenix enzyme cleaners in absorbent substrates is the correct application, which is child's play:

The Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner - Solution,

In order to be effective, the solution must seep into the substrate as deeply as the cat urine in order to reach all odour generators. You can achieve this by applying the Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner to the substrate several times in succession, if necessary, and always giving the solution enough time to seep in. Once the enzymes have distributed themselves as deeply and extensively as cat urine or urine in general in the floor or tissue, they can completely eliminate all stinking residues there.
Your flat is odour-free again - thoroughly and permanently!

As mentioned above, there are many examples of absorbent surfaces from which cat urine odour can be removed. Please read below for more information and explanations on how to remove cat urine residues from upholstery, carpets, concrete and screed surfaces, tile joints, parquet floors etc.

Remove cat urine odour only with the right product- With these tips you will eliminate cat odour completely in the future.

It is of secondary importance where your cat has peed, whether on upholstery, couch, carpet, sofa, stairs, tile grout, litter tray or carpet. - If the surface is porous and absorbent, we need to remove the cat urine in the material. This works best if we apply Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner 20gr diluted with water, as described in the instructions, so that it can seep down to the cat urine residue at this point. This is important so that we can actually reach these urine deposits and remove them without leaving any residue.

Why is eliminating cat urine so difficult? 

Again, important to know: When cats pee, the cat urine immediately diffuses or seeps down very quickly. It is precisely this circumstance that must be taken into account when eliminating odours. The best way to do this is the "wet on wet" treatment. It works by applying the diluted Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner several times in short intervals one after the other so saturated that the odour remover liquid needs time to seep to the cats' urine. This is the only way to achieve deep penetration and reach the cats' urine pore-deep.

By the way, urine stains or markings can also be easily removed with a black light lamp. Urine Finder, can be detected in the dark. 

Bilder Urindetector Katzenurin

This gives you the opportunity to target the areas where the cause of the odour has been able to penetrate even more specifically with the Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Cat Urine to be able to treat.

How to quickly remove cat urine from tile grout in the future

Cat urine can also penetrate deep into the deeper intermediate joints of tiles.

  • To do this, simply spray on Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner liberally.
  • Simply apply so that the joints, which are indeed somewhat recessed between the tiles, are filled. This way, you simply let the odour killer soak in (preferably overnight) and soak into the joints, to the cat urine, to remove it permanently. 

This gives the microorganisms the opportunity to seep into the urine, which may have penetrated deep into the tile joints, with plenty of time (e.g. overnight). In this way, they can permanently remove the cat urine residues in the pores of the tile grout, pore-deep and residue-free.

How to completely remove the smell of cat urine from your sofa, upholstery

Surfaces of sofas, upholstery, car seats, etc. are generally highly absorbent. However, there is often a finish or impregnation on the surface of the fabric which, among other things, is intended to prevent watery liquids from penetrating quickly and easily through the outer fabric. This is why it can often be observed that when liquids get onto such fabrics, they appear to roll off. This means that such a surface is "blocked" for the first approx. 1-3 minutes and thus absorbs aqueous liquids poorly. Which is very advantageous at first.

Against the urine of cats, however, this liquid barrier is not nearly as effective as against normal watery liquids.
This means that the cat urine can pass much more quickly through this finish into the tissue. This fact should be taken into account when treating against cat urine odour. This is achieved by giving the product liquid plenty of time to seep through the finish. Therefore, please proceed as follows:.

  • Apply wet in wet several times in succession to the localised cat urine spot so that the cat urine is fully reached in the depth of the tissue. Only in this way can the microorganisms remove the cat urine and thus completely eliminate the source of the odour.
    You can keep this treated area on the upholstery moist for a few days with the respective odour killer. This gives the microorganisms the opportunity to decompose the cat urine deep in the upholstery and remove it in the pores.

Remove smelly cat or tomcat markings on concrete floors and from concrete walls:

Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Odour Killer is simply applied wet so that it can seep deep into the surface. After it has seeped in, reapply several times in succession until the surface is saturated.

This keeps cat litter trays odour-free:

Mix the product with water and wash out the previously emptied litter tray. You can leave the litter tray and also the walls of the litter tray to act a little damp before refilling with cat litter. If possible, please allow your litter tray to dry out before refilling it, without rinsing it out again with pure water, so that the microorganisms also get some time to eliminate the smell of urine.

I think it is now unnecessary to use overpriced and ineffective cleaners or home remedies for the sake of our environment. I think it is clear to everyone that our Phoenix also works with every urine problem, but cat urine is the top class against which a cleaner must measure itself. We wish you much success and joy with our Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner and invite you to discover the unbelievable possibilities of use.

Your Dieter Schmidt

We are very happy about feedback, as it helps other people to change their cleaning behaviour, to rethink or to start using our Phoenix right away.

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