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Werbebild zum Phoenix für Kleinkinder und Babys
Werbebild zum Phoenix für Kleinkinder und Babys
Phoenix Toddler and Baby

I would like to note in advance for all representatives of the "we didn't have an enzyme cleaner in the past and grew up" faction that some of the late effects only came to bear in adulthood and the steadily increasing number of those who have suffered various allergies and skin diseases, some of which are severe, hardly speak for a healthy environment. I would even go one step further and claim that a product like Phoenix Enzyme Cleanser for babies and toddlers would have been the better option, because a product with the properties of Phoenix Enzyme Cleanser would have been better for babies and toddlers: Translated with (free version) 

Waste water neutral, non-caustic, non-attenuating,100% biodegradable, food grade.

does NOT speak in favour of overcleaning babies, toddlers but also all other family members. Now the counter-front could argue "a cleaner without chemicals and disinfectants cannot possibly clean and protect well".

But here I can assure you that it can do exactly that, even partially better. And that without harmful chemicals that damage not only your family members but also our environment.

Without going into boring statistics, I think it should be clear to everyone that in most cases we simply use too many harmful cleaners. Just look under your sink, in your cleaning cupboard, your detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, pesticides, etc. and read the ingredients. If that doesn't scare you, it will be hard for me.

One for all

If babies, small children or pets live in your household I would like to warmly recommend our Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner to you, because it is a trustworthy partner in terms of hygiene - odour elimination - powerful universal cleaner - stain remover - carpet cleaner - detergent - machine cleaner and much more.

More Phoenix variations

Babies and toddlers in the household, why enzyme cleaners?

I think you know the 1 metre rule, because most of the time everything in this area is not even close to being safe from the little explorers. Because everything that is not nailed down is snatched and extensively sucked, licked, picked up or even disappears in the mouth. Depending on the state of hygiene in the household, you might think, "No problem", but this is where my objection comes in. Many cleaning agents can leave harmful residues on the cleaned materials for children but also for adults, and do you really want your child to put things in their mouth that have surfactant residues, carcinogenic substances or even harmful chemicals stuck to them?

What can you simply change?

Why not clean and clean in a biologically valuable, sustainable way? For the love of your child, pet and your whole family, in future for maintenance cleaning, "Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner for Babies and Toddlers".

Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner can also be added to the washing machine, because then no detergent build-up is transferred to your baby or toddler, which has been proven to cause allergies or irritations. Here you can wash powerfully and gently with the power of enzymes, even at 30°.

For application:

Mix Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner 20gr Seal Bag with hot water (1.0 - 1.5 litres) and then use hot - warm or cold like any other household cleaner. The easiest way is to use the mixed enzyme cleaner with a pressure or pump sprayer. After mixing, our enzyme cleaner has full power for up to 48 hours and then its effect decreases very slowly, but this is due to the property of the enzymes, which do not reproduce themselves. Personally, we can easily get by with a mixed quantity for 1.5 weeks without any noticeable deterioration in the cleaning effect.
In addition, the saving of the following cleaners benefits your wallet + avoidance of hazardous substances.
· Oven spray
Ingredient(s): Caustic soda, surfactants, solvents
Health risk: Irritation of skin, eyes and mucous membranes.
· Stain Remover
Ingredient(s): chlorinated solvents
Health risk: prolonged exposure via the lungs may cause liver damage, possibly carcinogenic.
· Floor cleaner
Ingredient(s): Solvents, including chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs).
Health risk: liver, kidney and nerve damage is possible with prolonged exposure via the lungs.
· Toilet cleaner
Ingredient(s): Chlorine
Health risk: lung damage
· Detergent
Ingredient(s): Surfactants, Bleach, Phosphates, Fillers
Health risk: Skin irritation, accidental ingestion may cause life-threatening poisoning. 

Now add to that the fact that there are many other ways to use our Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner in the home.

Odour eliminator (animal urine, vomit, incontinence, faeces, blood, nicotine, etc. )
Mould Remover (mould stains, mildew stains, etc.)
Machine cleaner (dishwasher, washing machine, oven, etc.)
Carpet cleaner  (runners, curtains, cushions, mattresses, etc.)

Phoenix enzyme cleaner is a participatory product

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, because this innovative product will inspire you. Discover many other possible applications for a pollution-free environment and a hygienic environment.

Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner for Babies and Toddlers Due to its nature, it is not subject to any restrictions, but please ensure that it is stored in granular and dissolved form, out of reach of children.

I hope you were able to take away some information or suggestions for yourself and we would be pleased to welcome you as one of our customers. You can find further points of interest for Phoenix enzyme cleaners under

Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner

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