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In this post I would like to cover the topic of Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Eliminating Pet Odours.  
I am together with my wife, a "multi-pet owner" myself (three dogs), because animals and their welfare are a matter close to our hearts. I also need our animals as part of our family. That's why I don't just know the nice sides, but can tell you quite openly here that they can be quite a mess. But I think a species-appropriate attitude also includes clear concessions to my pack - "You are dogs, and dogs do things that dogs just like to do - so that's how it is". Translated with (free version)
When I took on the distribution contract for the Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner years ago, it was clearly with the intention of incorporating it into my life for myself. 

Eine kleine Anekdote:

My Rotti had a very clear aversion to his blanket when my wife, once again, was of the opinion that "I have to wash that thing". He would then just take his two buddies' so that they had to use his. After a few days, he claimed his back again.
Haben wir jedoch die Decke mit dem Phoenix gewaschen, oder das Körbchen eingesprüht, hat er die anstandslos angenommen. Denn der Phoenix beseitigt Gerüche nachhaltig und hinterlässt bei dem gereinigten Material den Zustand der Neutralität. Zwar hat der Phoenix kurzfristig einen gewissen Eigengeruch, der verschwindet aber sehr schnell.
I hope you understand that I cannot list all the ways in which Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner can help you eliminate pet odours.

What can I do with the Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner to eliminate pet odours:

To explain the Phoenix, it must be mentioned that it is only a cleaner. So Phoenix Carpet Cleaner is the same as Phoenix Cat Urine or Phoenix Machine Cleaner. So I will hardly be able to do justice to the question in the headline here if I try to list everything. As a rule of thumb, however. You can use the Phoenix wherever water-resistant materials are involved.

The Phoenix is:

wastewater neutral, non-corrosive, non-absorbing, 100% biodegradable,
non-toxic for your children, your Pets, your family members,
harmless for use in kitchens - gastronomy - food approval.

How does the Phoenix work and what does it do:

Enzymes are colloquially enzymes called and are mostly proteins. They are professionals, when it comes to biochemical Decomposition and transformation processes in the region. We know of enzymes from the fermentation process of sourdough, to make out of white cabbage, Sauerkraut, or from the production of Bioethanol is produced from renewable raw materials such as cereals or sugar beet. The contained in plants carbohydrates are fermented with the help of enzymes and yeast to alcohol. That means we have seen with our Phoenix from the Best. Mother Nature.

Learning from mother nature.

So Phoenix was developed enzyme cleaner designed to eliminate dirt and odors with the help of natural enzymes. Our enzyme grabs cleaner, the dirt, and odors at the root, and removes them for the long term and even in the depth of absorbent materials.

What does the normal person do when it smells bad? That's right, he reaches for a colourful cleaner, pours/sprays/rubs/it on the stinky spot and rubs on it. It is almost unimportant what the cause is. Animal smells Animal or urine in general), animal blankets, transport boxes, kennels, nicotine, fish, onions.
Definition Smell:

Finally, I would like to mention that you will hardly find a cleaner to whom you can so confidently entrust your animals and who will deliver such excellent results.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I look forward to your comments and reviews.

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