Professional Sauna Cleaning

Phoenix Saunareiniger Infrarotkabinenreiniger
Phoenix Saunareiniger Infrarotkabinenreiniger
Phoenix sauna and infrared cabins

Sauna cleaning made easy

Professional sauna cleaning, with regard to odour removal, of organic odour generators that have penetrated the wood.  Sweat and all other body fluids or foreign substances are permanently removed.
Suitable for all types of saunas (also steam baths, as mould can also develop here).

I would like to deviate in parts from the manufacturer's recommendations in terms of experience. Otherwise, professional sauna cleaning is not possible. 

What most people don't know is that, in addition to unpleasant odour generators deep in the wood, they also share their sauna with mould and harmful microorganisms. You can see this, for example, in the ugly discolourations in the wood. The emphasis is on "In the wood". You won't get there at all with normal cleaners, because these cleaners require mechanical cleaning. But how is that supposed to work?

This means.

You therefore need a cleaner that can penetrate the wood and remove the problem of organic pollutants independently and sustainably. Even if you are careful in your sauna, you cannot avoid this in part by placing a good sauna towel underneath.

Bacteria inevitably penetrate the wood through breathing, sweating, infusions and as a result of temperature changes and changes in humidity in and out of operation. These then act unimpressed in the depths of the material until our Phoenix arrives with its enzymes.

This does not even take into account the problems in public saunas, because I think you also know the indifference of your fellow human beings in such saunas, but that is another topic.

Since I am writing a blog post here that is also based on my own experiences, I ask you, if you have any suggestions or additions, to share them with me or leave them in the comments, because this way we achieve a high level of useful information.

My main tip for maintaining a healthy, joyful sauna climate is my Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner. It takes effect exactly where other cleaners reach the limit of what is feasible. It penetrates into the wood and removes all the causes mentioned independently and sustainably, 100% biodegradable, neutral in waste water, non-corrosive. non-absorbent, not detrimental to materials. in texture or colour and without chemicals. Other products only deodorise the problem briefly and only harm your finances in addition to the material and their health.

Application note from commercial use.

  • Let the sauna cool down, because otherwise the Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner not penetrate deep enough into the material. Time window for approx. 20m² sauna (walls, ceiling, seating surfaces) approx. 4-5 hrs incl. exposure times)
  • Mix the Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner according to the instructions (if you wish in a measurable quantity depending on the size of your sauna). E.g. a 20m² sauna needs at least 5 - 6 litres of Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner.  
  • The easiest way to apply the enzyme cleaner is with a suitable pressure sprayer (available from me in the shop as a product variation to the Enzyme cleaner If you have any questions, please contact us) for cleaning by spraying the mixed enzyme cleaner finely or also sometimes generously. The main feature here is to spray in such a way that the wood has time to soak and does not immediately run onto the floor.
    (There may be an unpleasant smell now, but unfortunately this is because all the odours are now dissolved, Panic, when you are done your sauna will smell neutral again).
    This is good for selling more enzyme cleaners, but it is not good for you and the environment, so find a healthy balance by observing. Please try to saturate first and focus less on cleaning. It makes sense to spray the ceiling last, from the back to the exit. When you have sprayed the whole sauna, let it work for about 30 minutes, because the enzymes also need time to work.
  • I now do the second spray in sections as follows. I spray one wall with the enzyme cleaner and rub it with a slightly damp "Grey Giant Dirt Eraserr“ 
    (For a cleaning 20m² sauna approx. 3 - 4 pcs. necessary, can also be ordered in the shop)
    the surface. Please watch out for damaged boards so that they do not get splinters. In between, of course, rinse the grey giant well and wring it out well before continuing (it works better when it is not so wet and lasts longer) Your grey giant could then look like this,
    Grauer Riese nach der Saunareinigung 1Grauer Riese nach der Saunareinigung 2
  • and that is good, because these are impurities already dissolved from the wood.

    • If they have done this in the whole sauna, I would spray enzyme cleaner again so that it can soak in well and then let it soak in again.
    • Trust me when I tell you that they quickly develop a feeling for when the saturation level is reached at which nothing more is sucked in. Personally, I then rub all the surfaces again with a floor mop. (Picture only as an example because it works well, not available for order in my shop)
    • and use it to pick up any impurities that have been really well dissolved. In saunas that are regularly cleaned with Phoenix, the steps of cleaning the entire sauna with the Phoenix are no longer necessary, except for heavy stains. grey giantsthen only the sauna needs to be sprayed, but you decide that for yourself.

    • If you still have some enzyme cleaner left over, it may make sense to clean the sauna stones, because they can also cause bad smells and it can't do any harm.

    • Target run

    • Then clean from the bottom to the outside, i.e. the floor.
       (The advantage here is that sufficient enzyme cleaner has certainly penetrated into the tile joints, so that these are also cleaned of odour-producing causes).    
      and then you can switch on your sauna again. Please bear in mind now that we naturally want to get all the liquid we have brought in out again. I recommend a healthy mix of opening the sauna door and closing the sauna door, and please also ventilate the room well. Not because unhealthy vapours are produced, but we want it out.

    • Now a picture before/after + , 4 pictures after cleaning, which speak for themselves, I think.Saunareinigung Vorher/Nachher

I hope I was able to give you some helpful tips and would of course be pleased to receive positive feedback. Please leave a comment. Have a good time and enjoy the now beautiful sauna again. Greetings Dieter Schmidt

PS: You clean your sauna at your own risk, of course. We accept no liability for damage if we do not carry out the cleaning ourselves. 

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