Phoenix Siegelbeutel 20gr
Phoenix enzyme cleaner 20 gr. Seal bag

 Phoenix enzyme cleaner...

 wastewater neutral, non-corrosive, non-absorbing, 100% biodegradable,
non-toxic for your children, your Pets, your family members,
safe to use in kitchens – gastronomy – the food sharing..

..and much more!

More than just a cleaner

Ich freue mich, Ihnen hier nicht nur die Vorteile und unglaublich vielseitigen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten unseres Phoenix Enzymreiniger aufzuzeigen, sondern auch den Umweltschutzgedanken den Sie damit erfüllen. Denn eine Entscheidung zu umweltfreundlichen Reinigen belohnen wir, indem wir Ihre Kosten an Reinigungsmittel für unnötige, sogenannte “Spezialreiniger” einfach streichen.

Why Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner?

More and more traditional cleaning can be evaluated in the medium to aggressive and polluting. Maybe you share this opinion? Then we will provide you with Phoenix enzyme cleaner, a professional-grade product, because you deserve to use effectively and conveniently be a Top product. That means that you don't need expensive, polluting, colorful cleaner, but A Product will not impact you or your Loved ones. They think of their Pets. Because even in supposedly clean perceived households have Pets, surfactants, and the pollutants from the cleaners on their paws and fur. This means you have to take these substances through licking of paws and fur. The same thing will make your small children, however, unfortunately.

Phoenix enzyme cleaner is a hands-on product.

To think and give Phoenix enzyme cleaner, a real Chance to relieve their lives and their environment a bit. That's why you order 20 mg of Phoenix-enzyme cleaner for just 5€ incl. Transport and delivery, or to one of our Bundles, and you will be convinced of the all-rounder! Larger packaging units for commercial customers, or industrial customers are not a Problem. We can also offer you to create your own Brand and Phoenix-enzyme cleaner in your Business as a value-integrate. 

Phoenix enzyme saves cleaner time

The most expensive factor in terms of a cleaning process, the factor of working hours (wage costs). The cleaning agent is to be used for costs usually actually a minimal factor. Therefore, it is important to know. Phoenix splits the dirt, so that this can be easily from the surface is removed. Thus, annoying time Scrubbing intense.

't work, but Phoenix and in an impressive manner. Phoenix is not to be compared with enzyme cleaners from the Tele-Shopping, etc., So PHOENIX is used, inter alia, by renowned cleaning companies, cleaning for companies from the trade, transportation, and industry. We also cooperate with demand for Germany's largest Butcher shop-supplier operation. PHOENIX is also recommended by the "Association of quickly gastronomy and food operation e. V." and, accordingly, approved for the cleaning of kitchens, canteens, food processing plants, etc.

Things to know about Phoenix enzyme cleaner

Enzymes are colloquially enzymes called and are mostly proteins. They are professionals, when it comes to biochemical Decomposition and transformation processes in the region. We know of enzymes from the fermentation process of sourdough, to make out of white cabbage, Sauerkraut, or from the production of Bioethanol is produced from renewable raw materials such as cereals or sugar beet. The contained in plants carbohydrates are fermented with the help of enzymes and yeast to alcohol. That means we have seen with our Phoenix from the Best. Mother Nature.

Learning from mother nature.

So Phoenix was developed enzyme cleaner designed to eliminate dirt and odors with the help of natural enzymes. Our enzyme grabs cleaner, the dirt, and odors at the root, and removes them for the long term and even in the depth of absorbent materials.

What is the normal person makes, if it is foul smelling? Right, he reaches for the colorful cleaner, pour/spray/RUB/ the place on the smelly and rubs on/in it. It is almost irrelevant what the 'polluter pays' it. Pet odors, pet urine or generally), animal blankets, kennels, kennel, nicotine, fish, onions, etc.

Why don't often work normal cleaner really.

The disadvantage of commercial cleaners is that it is static. That is exactly where it is cleaned, and only at the time of cleaning. Some also take any odor maskers or room Freshener. The there are also plenty of on the market. The result, if it is something to spray on the evil that you will have a great or the other will know that. Or?

The enzymes of Phoenix enzyme cleaner to engage with biochemical degradation processes dirt and odors and eliminate this residue. This works even older stains and deposits. So, anywhere else where effort and force when Cleaning was asked to take enzymes do their work.

Phoenix enzyme cleaner can be used in the entire household, and dirt and odors away deep in the Pores and sustainable. Whether kitchen, sanitary facilities, litter box, Sofas, etc., Phoenix-enzyme cleaner, all organic odors and stains way to extinguish. Depending on the degree of contamination of the enzymes have only time to Work.


Phoenix enzyme cleaner has no fragrance and works with Natural enzymes. As a result, the Phoenix enzyme cleaner is a purely concentrate on the market there is no Comparable effective product against dirt and odors. Test Phoenix-enzyme cleaner yourself and convince yourself of the effect, you will notice that you do not need any other special cleaner for odors and soiling, and many other applications. Because Phoenix-enzyme cleaner, a Clean and odor-free, environmentally friendly with each other to reach you.


Enzymes are clubs not fast-acting Chemical. You will need for the removal processes your time. 10 minutes up to 24 hours of work common time, in which the enzymes for you.

After 48 hours, the cleaning effect/Power all langsam nach, aber Sie können die gebrauchsfertige Lösung natürlich für andere Reinigungsarbeiten weiter verwenden oder das Granulat in Portionen einteilen.                                                           2 x 10 gr. = 2 x 0,5 Liter  /   4  x 5gr = 4 x 250 ml.
Wir persönlich verwenden den angemischten Phoenix Enzymreiniger bis zu 14 Tage mit Top Ergebnissen im Haushalt. Lediglich bei Katzenurin schwöre ich auf frischen Enzymreiniger, denn Katzenurin ist die Königsklasse der Geruchsbeseitigung.

Dirt and odors, Neutralize sustainable:

Wherever you are in the everyday life of bad smells bother our Phoenix is a harmless but effective response to odors. Phoenix enzyme cleaner works where you are, our enzyme cleaners are in need of whether it be shoes, drains, dishwashers, sleep and berths our Pets. Phoenix enzyme cleaner removes cat urine sweat smells all what is bothering your nose. In order to relieve at the same time, our environment, because they do not give any toxins into Our wastewater.

How it's made:

Cat urine or dog urine removal:
1.0 – 1.5 liters of 60-80 degrees hot water, add 20g (0.5 Liter approx. 10 gr.) Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Granules. The mixed solution can be hot or cold to be processed. (In the case of hot processing views the instructions of the sprayers)to The affected area with a spray bottle, spray on and, depending on the degree of hardness up to 24 hours to soak in(and let dry) or wash out.

Clean the smooth surfaces and joints: To 1 Liter of water you give 20gr Phoenix - enzyme cleaner enzyme cleaner to the Affected area to treat with the mixed cleaner and let it soak. Should be shiny surfaces, a gray veil then you need to wipe it with clear water because the dissolved dirt and needs to be removed arise


Treatment of textiles: Enter the Phoenix-enzyme cleaner easily in the washing machine (20g) and Wash the desired textiles. It's all dirt and odours are removed. (Please wash at 60° in the case of undissolved enzyme cleaner. 30° wash, please add the previously liquid enzyme made cleaner to the main wash.

Textiles and covers do not fit in the washing machine: To 1 Liter of water you give 20g Phoenix enzyme cleaner to the affected area with a spray bottle, spray on and, depending on the degree of hardness up to 24 hours to take effect.

In our Blog you can find more useful posts, and application reports around our Phoenix. 
We look forward to you.

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