Grauer Riese Schmutzradierer


Grey Giant Dirt Eraser Set of 3, Premium Tool  mit grandioser Kraft und Einsatzmöglichkeit. Zur Transportoptimierung, versenden wir die Produkte, ausschließlich um Ihnen Versandkosten zu sparen, “Vakuumiert” im Folienbeutel, es sei denn, wir können durch crossover Verkäufe eine Paketeinheit generieren.

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Grauer Riese Schmutzradierer

Grauer Riese Schmutzradierer, Premium Werkzeug mit grandioser Kraft und Einsatzmöglichkeit.

(Not comparable to the white thin crumbly sponges).

Dimensions: 12 x 6.5 x 4 cm, industrial quality!

  • Rims black from burnt-in brake dust.
  • The windscreens and headlights covered with dried flies.
  • Dirt. Rubber or plastic abrasion on the car paint.
  • Unsightly car seats and headliners.

All applications for the GREY GIANT DIRT ERASER. Because the problems listed, you can easily solve with the GREY GIANT DIRTY EDGER and water.

The GREY GIANT DUST ERADER is a real cleaning giant. In addition, it has not been chemically bleached in an environmentally harmful way, which gives the grey giant a better, more resilient structure. Because apart from the optical intention, bleaching the material has no added value - on the contrary.

But the GREY GIANT DUST ERADER is not only a real giant in the automotive sector. It works without the aid of chemicals.

(Vorsichtige bei Lack und Hochglanzflächen denn der Riese hat es in sich)

  • Shoe polish or rubber abrasion from shoes on doors and door frames.
  • Yellowed cable ducts and light switches.
  • Dirty window frames,.
  • Artwork painted by children on furniture.
  • Biros from Smooth Leather.
  • Shoe polish and strips of tiles.
  • Permanent marker from smooth surfaces.
  • Dirt residues such as oil, grease, soot, waxes, crayons, highlighters, etc. from almost all surfaces!

Your benefit.

You no longer have to spend a lot of money on special cleaners. Because from now on, the GREY GIANT DUST ERADER will be enough for you and that means, above all, that you will use fewer chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

GREY GIANTS is a highly effective DIRTY CLEANER. Firstly, the innovative product allows thorough cleaning without harmful substances, using only a little clean water. Secondly, the product is used for the pre-cleaning of surfaces and thirdly, you can perform the necessary pre-cleaning with the Grey Giant in order to be coated with our sealants. Because sealed surfaces require fewer cleaning intervals and automatically less pollution of the environment.

Perfect in cooperation with our Phoenix enzyme cleaner, 100% waste water neutral, non-caustic, non-attenuating. Because the two products harmonise just by not using chemicals. We personally use the Grey Giant with every Sauna cleaning ein. Zur Transportoptimierung, ausschließlich um Ihnen Versandkosten zu sparen, versenden wir die 3 Schmutzradierer “Vakuumiert” im Folienbeutel, es sei denn wir könne durch Chross-Over-Verkäufe eine Paketeinheit generieren.

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