Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Machine Cleaner BIO


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Sie können alles in Ihrem Haushalt mit Phoenix Enzymreiniger ohne Materialbeeinträchtigung reinigen. Phoenix Enzymreiniger entfernt umweltverträglich organische Verschmutzungen. Fett, Öl, Ruß, Nikotin, Speisereste, Schimmel, Blut, Klebereste, Straßen-, Insektenschmutz, Verwitterung.

Before the chemical club circles, please first exhaust alternative possibilities. Thank you.

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Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Machine Cleaner BIO

1 x 20 gr. Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Machine Cleaner BIO makes 1.0 - 1.5 litres of highly effective enzyme cleaner.
100% biologisch abbaubar, nicht ätzend, nicht dämpfend, abwasserneutral, Lebensmittelfreigabe.
Indispensable for environmentally conscious cleaning of water-resistant materials.

Where fat, food residues and organic substances are deposited, breeding grounds for odour-producing bacteria are inevitably created because they feed on them. The unpleasant odours are also caused by the excretions of the bacteria.  Hanging scent tags or similar, apart from the unnecessary chemical load and costs, is absolutely unnecessary because they neither eliminate the odours in the long term nor remove the bacteria or the build-up in the transport paths of your machines.

If you regularly treat your machine twice a month with 10 - 20 grams of Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner, then unpleasant odours and biological residues will be a thing of the past, because bacteria will not be able to settle in the transport routes. The best thing about it is that you can fill your dishwasher with dishes and your washing machine with laundry and clean them at the same time. I don't know of any machine cleaners that allow you to do this, because they all work with high chemicals and these are not allowed on your dishes or textiles. Our Phoenix has this foodlicence, so it works without chemicals, is waste water neutral, not corrosive and is 100% biodegradable. And these are particularly valuable characteristics for a cleaner. So you can use it absolutely safely everywhere in the household.

In the case of unpleasant odours in your washing machine (the laundry smells musty despite washing with detergent and is no longer fresh after a short time in the cupboard), you can proceed in the same way and here too our environment will thank you.  Please read the application section for more information.

How do you use the Phoenix for machine cleaning?

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There are really only two ways to use the Phoenix for machine cleaning. You put the granules in the compartment for the rinse tabs and the machine fetches them in the main wash cycle. In this case, the dishwasher has the right operating temperature to dissolve the gel coat around the enzymes and they start working.

Or, depending on the machine, open it in the main wash cycle and add dissolved or undissolved enzyme cleaner to the wash cycle. This then cleans everything including the transport routes of your machine in which residues can also be deposited that can cause odours. Please do not misunderstand the Phoenix, it is not a limescale remover.

Washing machine:
Wie Spülmaschine, nur dass sie die Reinigung auch bei 30 Grad durchführen können um ggfls. diesen Waschgang zu nutzen (Phoenix ist auch ein Feinwaschmittel), jedoch müssen Sie in diesem Fall den Phoenix unbedingt vorher in heißem Wasser einsatzbereit machen, sie können dann 500 ml. zum Hauptwaschgang über das Waschmittelfasch geben und Sie werden begeistert sein. Für 500 ml. würde ich aber nicht unter 10  gr. Granulat anmischen. Vor zusätzlicher Verwendung von Waschmitteln rate ich ab, da Tenside die Enzyme vernichten.

You can also use the Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner Machine Cleaner BIO for other everyday cleaning, as you can see here.

Phoenix Enzymreiniger 20gr Siegelbeutel mit 1,0 – 1,5 Liter heißem Wasser 60-80 Grad anmischen.

This is particularly important. A gel coat was placed around the enzymes to protect them, and this only dissolves at these temperatures.  And then process hot, warm or cold like any other household cleaner. The easiest and most economical way is to use the mixed enzyme cleaner with a pressure or pump sprayer. (Please pay attention to the temperature guidelines of your appliances, we do not assume any guarantee for damage).

After mixing, the enzyme cleaner has full power for up to 48 hours and then builds up. All langsam in der Wirkung ab. Das liegt aber an der Eigenschaft der Enzyme, welche sich nicht reproduzieren, weil sie das nicht sollen. Wir persönlich kommen mit einer angemischten Menge locker 1,5 bis 2 Wochen aus, ohne merkbare Verschlechterung der Reinigungswirkung.
Mist (streaks) may form on high-gloss surfaces. Please wipe these surfaces briefly with a neutral cloth and clear water. This is dissolved dirt and it should be removed.

Why Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner?

There are numerous enzymes that have different tasks. So, some break down fat, others break down sugar and others break down proteins. That is why they are also called biological catalysts. Our Phoenix contains such enzymes and, due to the different modes of action of the individual enzymes, is precisely adapted to their field of application. In other words, we have achieved incredible things with our Phoenix and have been able to produce a biological universal cleaner that no household should be without. Therefore, please recommend us to others and also participate through comments or experience reports in our blog posts....

Das vermeiden Sie, wenn Sie unseren Phoenix-Enzymreiniger verwenden:

  • Oven spray
    Inhaltsstoff(e): Natronlauge, Tenside, Lösungsmittel
    Health risk: Irritation of skin, eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Stain Remover
    Ingredient(s): chlorinated solvents
    Health risk: prolonged exposure via the lungs may cause liver damage, possibly carcinogenic.
  • Floor cleaner
    Ingredient(s): Solvents, including chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs).
    Health risk: liver, kidney and nerve damage is possible with prolonged exposure via the lungs.
  • Toilet cleaner
    Ingredient(s): Chlorine
    Health risk: lung damage
  • Detergent
    Ingredient(s): Surfactants, Bleach, Phosphates, Fillers
    Health risk: Skin irritation, accidental ingestion may cause life-threatening poisoning.

Some of the possible applications.
Odour eliminator :   (animal urine, vomit, incontinence, faeces, blood, nicotine, etc.)
Mould Remover: (mould stains, mildew stains etc.)
Carpet cleaner  :      (Läufer, Gardinen, Polster, Matratzen uvm)

Other possible uses of the Phoenix enzyme cleaner.

Basic cleaning: floors, ceilings, tiles, windows, doors, radiators, escalators, railings, lifts, kitchen area: extractor bonnets, ovens, stainless steel cabinets, objects, cookware, worktops, outdoor area: blinds, shutters, facades, garden furniture, boats, solar and photovoltaic elements,...

Trade: Maschinenreinigung, -pflege, Entfettung, Reinigung nach der Montage,
Fasern: Teppiche, Polstermöbel, Autopolster, Markisen. PHOENIX ist auch hervorragend in Verbindung mit Reinigungsmaschinen einsetzbar.

Inhaltsstoffe: Unter 0,5% nichtionische Tenside – Amylase – Protease – Duftstoffe (Leichter kurz anhaltender Eigengeruch, der schnell verfliegt)

We are looking forward to seeing you and hope that you will support us in relieving our planet a little bit. Because environmental protection must start with us and not with others.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, because this innovative product will inspire you.  A pollution-free environment, a hygienic environment and your opinion are very important to us. So discover many more possible uses and, above all, feel free to share them with us.

Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner is not subject to any restrictions due to its nature, but please ensure that it is stored in granular or dissolved form, out of reach of children or animals. 

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