Phoenix Teppichreiniger Gardinen Stoffe Polster Autositze


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Sie können alles in Ihrem Haushalt mit Phoenix Enzymreiniger ohne Materialbeeinträchtigung reinigen. Phoenix Enzymreiniger entfernt umweltverträglich organische Verschmutzungen. Fett, Öl, Ruß, Nikotin, Speisereste, Schimmel, Blut, Klebereste, Straßen-, Insektenschmutz, Verwitterung.

Before the chemical club circles, please first exhaust alternative possibilities. Thank you.

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Phoenix Teppichreiniger Gardinen Stoffe Polster

1 x 20 gr. Phoenix Carpet Cleaner Curtains Fabrics Upholstery makes 1.0 - 1.5 litres of highly effective enzyme cleaner.
100% biodegradable, non-caustic, non-attenuating, effluent neutral , food grade.
Indispensable for environmentally conscious cleaning of water-resistant materials.

Phoenix Carpet Cleaner for all water resistant materials - Phoenix Curtain Fabrics Upholstery solves your cleaning problem or odour problem even with:

  • Floor coverings
  • Car seats
  • Car mats
  • Car skies
  • Leather
  • Carpets
  • Runners
  • Bridges
  • able and tapestries

Und das macht er auf biologische, umweltfreundliche Art und Weise. Eigentlich der absolute Topreiniger, jedoch noch recht unbekannt. Des Weiteren können Sie  Ihn manuell, oder in Verbindung mit Reinigungsmaschinen, Sprühextraktionsgeräte, Sprühextraktionsmaschinen Nasssaugern verwenden. Darüber hinaus auch bestens als Fleckenmittel, Polsterreiniger, Autositze, Gardienen, Kissen uvm geeignet.

Zur Geruchsbeseitigung bei Wandteppichen können Sie diese ohne Abhängen Behandeln. Denn unser Phoenix beseitigt Gerüche ohne, dass eine mechanische Reinigung erfolgen muss. Also einfach einsprühen und trocknen lassen. Denn Phoenix-Enzymreiniger arbeitet ohne jede Beeinträchtigung von Farbe oder Material.

Details at a glance

  • Safe and easy application without material damage
  • As a stain remover without corrosive ingredients
  • non-caustic, non-attenuating, waste water neutral, without chemicals
  • Solvent-free, invisible, odourless and breathable
  • easy and safe application without sticking of the fibres
  • Lastingly eliminates odours on the surface and deep in the material

Despite the positive properties of the Phoenix Carpet Cleaner Curtain Fabrics Upholstery, we recommend always carrying out a cleaning test in as invisible a place as possible. However, just to be on the safe side.

Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner can be sprayed on or used with a cloth. For odour removal in materials, we recommend multiple spraying to reach the deep areas of upholstery as well, because the Phoenix must penetrate as deeply as the odour generators have penetrated. We are talking about spilled liquids or urine, but also organic substances that have penetrated over time.
For cleaning leather, we ask you to grease and care for the leather afterwards with suitable agents because of the grease-dissolving properties.

Why Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner?

There are numerous enzymes that have different tasks. So, some break down fat, others break down sugar and others break down proteins. That is why they are also called biological catalysts. Our Phoenix contains such enzymes and, due to the different modes of action of the individual enzymes, is precisely adapted to their field of application. In other words, we have achieved incredible things with our Phoenix and have been able to produce a biological universal cleaner that no household should be without. Therefore, please recommend us to others and also participate through comments or experience reports in our blog posts....


Das vermeiden Sie, wenn Sie unseren Phoenix-Enzymreiniger verwenden:

  • Oven spray
    Ingredient(s): Caustic soda, surfactants, solvents
    Health risk: Irritation of skin, eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Stain Remover
    Ingredient(s): chlorinated solvents
    Health risk: prolonged exposure via the lungs may cause liver damage, possibly carcinogenic.
  • Floor cleaner
    Ingredient(s): Solvents, including chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs).
    Health risk: liver, kidney and nerve damage is possible with prolonged exposure via the lungs.
  • Toilet cleaner
    Ingredient(s): Chlorine
    Health risk: lung damage
  • Detergent
    Ingredient(s): Surfactants, Bleach, Phosphates, Fillers
    Health risk: Skin irritation, accidental ingestion may cause life-threatening poisoning.

Some of the possible applications.
Odour eliminator :   (animal urine, vomit, incontinence, faeces, blood, nicotine, etc.)
Mould Remover: (mould stains, mildew stains etc.)
Machine cleaner :  (dishwasher, washing machine, oven, etc.)
Carpet cleaner  :      (Läufer, Gardinen, Polster, Matratzen uvm)

Other possible uses of the Phoenix enzyme cleaner.

Basic cleaning: floors, ceilings, tiles, windows, doors, radiators, escalators, railings, lifts, kitchen area: extractor bonnets, ovens, stainless steel cabinets, objects, cookware, worktops, outdoor area: blinds, shutters, facades, garden furniture, boats, solar and photovoltaic elements,...

Trade: Maschinenreinigung, -pflege, Entfettung, Reinigung nach der Montage,
Fasern: Teppiche, Polstermöbel, Autopolster, Markisen. PHOENIX ist auch hervorragend in Verbindung mit Reinigungsmaschinen einsetzbar.

Inhaltsstoffe: Unter 0,5% nictionische Tenside – Amylase – Protease – Duftstoffe (Leichter kurz anhaltender Eigengeruch, der schnell verfliegt)

We are looking forward to seeing you and hope that you will support us in relieving our planet a little bit. Because environmental protection must start with us and not with others.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, because this innovative product will inspire you.  A pollution-free environment, a hygienic environment and your opinion are very important to us. So discover many more possible uses and, above all, feel free to share them with us.

Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner is not subject to any restrictions due to its nature, but please ensure that it is stored in granular or dissolved form, out of reach of children or animals. 


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