Phoenix Incontinence Odour Remover Odour Eliminator


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Sie können neben den Folgen von Inkontinenz aber auch alles andere in Ihrem Haushalt mit Phoenix Enzymreiniger ohne Materialbeeinträchtigung reinigen. Phoenix Enzymreiniger entfernt umweltverträglich organische Verschmutzungen. Fett, Öl, Ruß, Nikotin, Speisereste, Schimmel, Blut, Klebereste, Straßen-, Insektenschmutz, Verwitterung.

Before the chemical club circles, please first exhaust alternative possibilities. Thank you.

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Phoenix Incontinence Odour Remover Odour Eliminator

1 x 20 gr. Phoenix Incontinence Odour Remover Odour Remover makes 1.0 - 1.5 litres of highly effective enzyme cleaner.
100% biodegradable, non-caustic, non-attenuating, effluent neutral , food grade.
Indispensable for environmentally conscious cleaning of water-resistant materials.

Hochwirksamer Enzymreiniger gegen Inkontinenzgeruch Kot-Urin-Erbrochenes uvm.

Incontinence is not just a problem for senior citizens. However, it is an issue or condition that not only affects those affected, but also relatives, friends and caregivers. Do not allow your incontinence to marginalise you socially. Make sure that people close to you are not consciously or unconsciously avoided because you or the person affected cannot control the associated odour.

Unfortunately, it is in the problem of "urine - faeces - vomit - wound healing" itself that these odours occur and usually have nothing to do with a lack of cleanliness or personal hygiene. As soon as urine or the aforementioned biological odour generators penetrate absorbent materials, such as mattresses, sofas, upholstery, carpets, clothing and much more, this simultaneously blocks the effectiveness of normal household cleaners or special cleaners. This is where overpriced so-called special cleaners reach their technical limits. Firstly, they cannot work in the depth of the material, because their effect requires mechanical action such as scrubbing and absorbing the odour-producing bacteria. Secondly, these cleaners often rely on fragrances. Thirdly, many "special cleaners" are chemical clubs, harmful to the environment and to health. Fourthly, the ingredients of effective chemical cleaners damage various materials through the ingredients alone.

Erschwerend dazu kommt, Biologische Geruchserzeuger lassen sich nicht  lange mit Duftstoffen überdecken und was dann zu riechen ist, ist meistens schlimmer als das eigentliche Problem. Phoenix Enzymreiniger dringt bei richtiger Anwendung tief ins Material ein und spaltet dort die Gerüche auf Enzymbasis auf. Ihr Geruchsproblem ist somit nachhaltig beseitigt. Phoenix Enzymreiniger hat jedoch keine versiegelnde Eigenschaft. Es beseitigt Gerüche organischer Natur, kann jedoch nicht vor neuen Unfällen schützen. Betrachten Sie bitte auch einmal das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis im Vergleich zu anderen Produkten.
We look forward to receiving your order and would like to help you achieve a more dignified overall situation for the problem at hand.

What distinguishes our Phoenix enzyme cleaner from other cleaners and how does it work?

There are numerous enzymes that have different tasks. This means that some break down fat,
(Nein, bitte nicht trinken 😂😂😂 ) die anderen Zucker und wieder andere spalten Proteine. Darum nennt man sie auch biologische Katalysatoren. Unser Phoenix enthält solche Enzyme und ist aufgrund der unterschiedlichen Wirkungsweise der einzelnen Enzyme genau auf ihr Einsatzgebiet abgestimmt. Mit anderen Worten, wir haben wir mit unserem Phoenix unglaubliches erreicht und einen biologischen Universalreiniger herstellen können, der in keinem Haushalt mehr fehlen darf. Darum empfehlen Sie uns bitte weiter.

Das vermeiden Sie, wenn Sie unseren Phoenix Inkontinenz Geruchsentferner Geruchsbeseitiger verwenden:

  • Oven spray
    Ingredient(s): Caustic soda, surfactants, solvents
    Health risk: Irritation of skin, eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Stain Remover
    Ingredient(s): chlorinated solvents
    Health risk: prolonged exposure via the lungs may cause liver damage, possibly carcinogenic.
  • Floor cleaner
    Ingredient(s): Solvents, including chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs).
    Health risk: liver, kidney and nerve damage is possible with prolonged exposure via the lungs.
  • Toilet cleaner
    Ingredient(s): Chlorine
    Health risk: lung damage
  • Detergent
    Ingredient(s): Surfactants, Bleach, Phosphates, Fillers
    Health risk: Skin irritation, accidental ingestion may cause life-threatening poisoning.

Some of the possible applications.
Odour eliminator :   (animal urine, vomit, incontinence, faeces, blood, nicotine, etc.)
Mould Remover: (mould stains, mildew stains etc.)
Machine cleaner :  (dishwasher, washing machine, oven, etc.)
Carpet cleaner  :      (Läufer, Gardinen, Polster, Matratzen uvm)

Other possible uses of the Phoenix enzyme cleaner.

Basic cleaning: floors, ceilings, tiles, windows, doors, radiators, escalators, railings, lifts, kitchen area: extractor bonnets, ovens, stainless steel cabinets, objects, cookware, worktops, outdoor area: blinds, shutters, facades, garden furniture, boats, solar and photovoltaic elements,...

Trade: Maschinenreinigung, -pflege, Entfettung, Reinigung, nach der Montage, Fasern: Teppiche, Polstermöbel, Autopolster, Markisen, PHOENIX ist auch hervorragend in Verbindung mit Reinigungsmaschinen einsetzbar.

Inhaltsstoffe: Unter 0,5% nichtionische Tenside – Amylase – Protease – Duftstoffe (Leichter kurz anhaltender Eigengeruch, der schnell verfliegt)

In summary, we are looking forward to seeing you and hope that you will support us in relieving our planet a little bit. Because environmental protection must start with us and not with others.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me because this innovative product will inspire you. Discover many other possible uses and, above all, feel free to share them with us. Because a pollution-free environment, a hygienic environment and your opinion are very important to us.

Important: Phoenix enzyme cleaner is not intended for use in the mouth, mucous membranes or direct body cleaning. Please rinse dentures sufficiently with clean water after cleaning. No harm is to be expected, but our Phoenix is not a medical product, it is only for cleaning materials.

Phoenix Enzyme Cleaner is not subject to any restrictions due to its nature, but please ensure that it is stored in granular or dissolved form, out of reach of children or animals. 

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